HTC’s NFC-enabled PH85110 hits the FCC, headed to T-Mobile and AT&T?


Last week, HTC announced plans to jump on the NFC bandwagon with an NFC-capable version of the Incredible.  The device, which will initially only be available in China, will be released through a partnership with China UnionPay, a Chinese banking network.

But based on an FCC filing that won approval late today, it looks like HTC may be soon bringing an NFC-enabled device to the US.  The device, known by the model number PH85110, sports NFC in addition to Bluetooth and dual-band Wireless-N WiFi.  The device will support GSM bands 850 and 1900, as well as WCDMA bands II, IV and V.  The WCDMA band IV is used by T-Mobile in the United States, while WCDMA bands II and V are used by AT&T.  That’s a good sign that the PH85110 will be making an appearance on one of America’s GSM networks.

We don’t have much more information about the PH85110 other than the label pic above.  HTC hasn’t announced plans to bring an NFC phone to the US, but based on today’s FCC filing we’d expect to see one soon.



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