Archos’ $99 ARNOVA 7 tablet gets an update, sports new curves


Archos’ ARNOVA 7 Android tablet made news because of its low $99 price tag.  But after announcing the tablet only three months ago it looks like Archos already has plans to release an updated version of the ARNOVA 7.  FCC filings released today reveal a device called the ARNOVA 7b G2.  We’re guessing that the “G2” in the device’s model name stands for “Generation 2” and label photos of the device’s back show a new, curved design slightly different from the original ARNOVA 7 which sported flat sides and a tapered top and bottom.

FCC filings don’t reveal much else about the device other than WiFi and Bluetooth support.  It’s unclear if the G2 will match the original ARNOVA 7’s low price point, or when the G2 will be released.



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