LTE upgrade for the Motorola XOOM wins FCC approval


Motorola released the XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet back in February, promising owners than an LTE upgrade for the device will be provided at no additional charge within 90 days.  However, Motorola later announced that LTE upgrades for the XOOM would be delayed until the Summer, and since then the company has provided XOOM owners with little information about the status of the device’s LTE upgrade.

But it now looks like the XOOM LTE upgrade will be coming soon, according to an FCC application by Motorola that was approved today.  The application is for an LTE module known by the FCC ID IHDP56LU2, which will bring LTE capabilities to the XOOM.

FCC documents indicate that the XOOM’s LTE module will be professionally installed, and is not intended for use in any other device, below.  Images of the LTE card show a mini PCI form factor, which can be seen in the gallery below.  Motorola’s FCC application also includes some images of an LTE XOOM in testing, as well as an updated user manual.

There’s still now word when XOOM upgrades will be available for owners.  There are some reports that XOOM owners have received reminders and/or packaging materials for the LTE upgrade, but neither Verizon nor Motorola has officially announced a timeframe for the upgrade.  Still, XOOM owners will be glad to see that the XOOM’s LTE modem has received an FCC approval, a good sign that the LTE upgrade process will begin very soon.image



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