New Motorola LTE tablet hits the FCC…is this the XOOM 2?


Today a device from Motorola known only by the FCC ID IHDP56LU2 won FCC approval for its WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA and LTE capabilities.  Test reports reveal that the IHDP56LU2 is a tablet that measures 259mm long and 166mm wide, pictured above.  That’s slightly longer and just a bit shorter than the original Motorola XOOM, which measures 249.1mm by 167.8mm.  Those measurements are a good indication that the IHDP56LU2 is a new LTE tablet from Motorola – most likely the Motorola XOOM 2.

Images of what is purported to be the XOOM 2 were first leaked in a Verizon ad, below.  Little is currently known about the XOOM 2, but it’s reasonable to assume that like the XOOM, the XOOM 2 will be an LTE tablet.

News of the XOOM 2 will be particularly frustrating for owners of the original XOOM, who are still waiting for the device to be upgraded with LTE capabilities.  If the IHDP56LU2 is indeed the XOOM 2, the device will ship preinstalled with an LTE modem. 



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