Vizio’s VTab Android WiFi tablet hits the FCC


Last month we spotted Vizio’s Android phone on the FCC, and yesterday the company’s VTab Android tablet made an appearance on the FCC as well.  The device, known by the model number VTAB1008, won FCC approval for WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.  FCC documents made no mention of 3G, however.

Vizio first showed off an early build of the VTab at CES this year, and just six months later it looks like the device is ready to be launched.  The 8-inch Android tablet is expected to feature 4GB of internal memory and a 1GHz+ processor, and FCC test reports confirm that the device will have HDMI and USB ports, as well as a microSD slot.

If Vizio prices its tablets like its TVs, the VTab is likely to be quite competitive  Earlier this week, Engadget spotted the VTAB1008 in Walmart’s inventory system for $349.  It will be interesting to see if the sub $400 price point is a winner for Vizio.  We do love Vizio products, even if Vizio doesn’t yet have a strong rep in the tablet market.



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