Sony’s S1 Android 3.0 tablet hits the FCC in AT&T and WiFi-only flavors


Sony is late to the Android 3.0 tablet game, but it looks like that will soon change.  Today, the company’s S1 tablet hit the FCC, winning approval for WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G capabilities.  FCC filings indicate that Sony will offer at least six different versions of the S1.  Four of those versions will be of the WiFi-only variety, while the remaining two are 3G devices.  Test reports indicate that 3G versions of the S1 tablet will support GSM 850 and 1900 bands, as well as WCDMA bands II and V.  That’s a good indication that the S1 will be launched by AT&T in the United States.

Sony has announced that the S1 will debut this fall.  Pricing for the tablet has not yet been determined.



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