Wireless charger for the HTC ThunderBolt clears the FCC


We all know battery life isn’t one of the HTC ThunderBolt’s strengths, but it looks like charging the device is about to get a lot easier, thanks to an FCC Permissive Change Notice filed by HTC.  According to the filing, HTC is modifying the HTC ThunderBolt’s (PG05100) original FCC filing to include a wireless inductive charging cover, as well as an extended battery cover and battery.

Now Verizon is already shipping an extended battery for the ThunderBolt, so that’s not big news.  But it is good to know that the rumored wireless charger for the ThunderBolt looks like it is finally on its way to store shelves.  This will be a big plus for ThunderBolt owners who will now be able to charge the device by simply placing it on a wireless charging mat.

No word on pricing or availability yet, but we’ll keep you up to date as we learn more.



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