Next gen wearable Bluetooth video camera from Looxcie hits the FCC


It’s been said that the best camera is the one you have with you, and Looxcie took that mantra to heart with its wearable LX1 Bluetooth video camera.  Slightly larger than a Bluetooth headset, the LX1 is worn over your ear and constantly records video, which can then be saved in 30 second increments to your iPhone or Android smartphone at the push of a button.

Today, Looxcie passed a new wearable video camera called the LX2 through the FCC.  The device, pictured above, appears to be slightly smaller than the LX1, and features what appears to be a convenient USB dongle.

FCC documents don’t reveal much else about the LX2, other than the device’s support for Bluetooth 2.1.  We hope that the LX2 offers better video recording quality than the LX1, which topped out at 480p.  The LX1 also only offered 1 hour of video storage, as well as 2 hours of battery life, two specs that could certainly be improved as well.

Looxcie hasn’t officially announced the LX2, so we don’t have pricing or a release date yet.  Today’s FCC filing is a good indication that we will be hearing more news soon, however.



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