Chinese tablet looks exactly like iPad but runs Android

imageWe’re used to seeing knockoff tablets from China, but the CM9701 tablet from Shenzhen Careeror Technology, pictured above, reaches new levels of imitation.  When powered off, the device looks nearly identical to the original iPad, save for the lack of an Apple logo on its back.  Even the black bar that covers 3G antennas is in virtually the same location as the iPad.  But power on the device, and you’re greeted with the Android unlock screen, above left.

A closer inspection of the CM9701 will reveal other differences as well.  The tablet actually features a small camera near the top of its front.  Also, the device’s black 3G plastic cover opens to reveal an SD card slot.

There’s no word on if or when the CM9701 will hit the United States, but we’d guess that it’s pretty unlikely that the device will reach US shores.  Still, the CM9701 did win FCC approval today, so the device has won approval for use and sale in the United States.



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