Samsung’s Series 7 convertible tablet hits Amazon for $650, quickly pulled

Samsung’s convertible Series 7 tablet/netbook turned heads at CES this year with its unique sliding design and slim form factor.  Since then, we’ve heard little about the device before it made a short appearance today on Amazon.  The netbook briefly appeared on Amazon for preorder with a $650 price tag, but the link for the device quickly went dead, suggesting that Amazon may have jumped the gun with its Series 7 preorder page.

Even so, we were a bit disappointed at the Series 7’s specs and price point.  The $650 version of the device offered only 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal SSD storage – not great for a Windows 7 netbook.  While the Series 7’s sliding screen is certainly cool, 32GB of storage won’t go far, and Windows 7 running on 2GB of RAM is not an ideal experience, either.

Amazon didn’t give a launch date for the Series 7 tablet, but the device does appear to be ready to launch soon.  It will be interesting to see if the Series 7’s form makes up for its limited specs and high price tag.

Check out a video of the Series 7 in action at CES, below.

Source:  Engadget



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