The HTC ThunderBolt gets an FCC teardown


We’ve already seen a couple of teardown reports on the HTC ThunderBolt, and recently the FCC released its own internal photos of the LTE-powered device.  FCC internal photos of the ThunderBolt offer a decent look at the device’s 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Sandisk iNAND flash memory, and Samsung SDRAM.  You also get a closeup view of the ThunderBolt’s CDMA and LTE antennas, which are positioned at the bottom, and upper left hand side of the device, respectively.

Check out the full gallery of FCC internal photos, below:



One Response to The HTC ThunderBolt gets an FCC teardown

  • sblerouge:

    Sorry but the guys at did this teardown already, probably 2 weeks ago, I think they repaired the glass and LCD

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