Bluetrek Carbon: meet the world’s thinnest Bluetooth 3.0 headset


Meet Bluetrek’s latest Bluetooth 3.0 headset, the Carbon.  Unlike most headsets that have a fat boom mic, the Carbon is composed primarily of a thin, carbon fiber mic that’s just slightly larger than a stirring straw.  The device’s ear piece is tiny as well, with barely enough room to fit a micro USB port and on/off switch.  The outer surface of the earpiece functions as a call answer/end button, and there is a single tiny button to control volume on the side of the earpiece.

The Carbon also comes with a handy clip, below, that attaches to the device’s skinny boom mic.  You can also attach an ear hook to the Carbon’s earpiece for added stability.  The Carbon comes with earbuds of various sizes, as well.

While we don’t have the exact specs of the Carbon, it looks like this is possibly the world’s thinnest Bluetooth headset with an extended boom mic.  To put things in perspective, the Carbon’s micro USB port, above left, measures less than 7mm wide.  The diameter of the device’s boom mic is less than half that width – we’d guess around 2 to 3mm.  The Carbon is also very light, due to its carbon fiber construction.

The Carbon will retail for $70.  We don’t have a firm release date for the device, but the Carbon passed through the FCC today, suggesting a launch is coming soon.




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