HTC Inspire 4G to get HSUPA software upgrade, according to FCC filings


AT&T markets the HTC Inspire 4G as a 4G device, but up until now the Inspire hasn’t had access to AT&T’s 4G network.  It seems like that will soon change, however, thanks to an FCC Permissive Change Notice that was filed by HTC, above.  According to the notice, HTC plans to enable HSUPA functionality on the Inspire 4G (referred to in FCC filings by its FCC ID NM8PD98120) through a software update.

So why did it take so long for the Inspire 4G to actually get 4G capabilities?  HTC first submitted its Class II Change letter to enable HSUPA on the Inspire on March 8th.  However, Test Reports for HSUPA functionality were not submitted by HTC until March 23rd.  It appears that for whatever reason, HTC’s testing of HSUPA on the Inspire was delayed quite a bit.

Either way, it looks like Inspire 4G owners will not have to wait much longer for 4G.  Test reports for the Inspire 4G show approval for HSUPA and HSUPA+ goodness on WCDMA bands II and V, which should translate to a nice bump in wireless data speeds.  No word on when this upgrade will actually occur, but we’d guess that a software update will be pushed to users soon.



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