Acer’s sleek Touch Pad Media Center Remote hits the FCC


Media Center PCs are great for watching movies and recording TV, but media center remotes aren’t exactly ideal for controlling a PC.  Enter Acer’s RMTP-S1Q Media Center remote, which passed through the FCC today.

This unique remote has a sleek, slate form factor with no buttons visible when the device is powered off.  The surface of the RMTP-S1Q is touch sensitive and it works just like a large touch pad, with support for standard clicking as well as multi-touch gestures.  But at the push of a button, the RMTP-S1Q illuminates to reveal media controls, above, allowing users to easily view photos and video, or listen to music.  The RMTP-S1Q connects to PCs via RF dongle and has a range of 8 to 10 meters.  The device has a rechargeable battery as well, so you don’t have to worry about popping in new AAs.

We’d expect that the RMTP-S1Q would be ideal for watching PC-based media from a sofa.  The device can take the place of a mouse and remote to reduce clutter in your living room.  The RMTP-S1Q also looks quite unassuming when its powered off, below.

No word on pricing or availability.




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