HP’s webOS 3.0 TouchPad tablet to launch in April


HP Palm TouchPad, Hewlett-Packard

We’re intrigued by HP’s webOS 3.0-powered TouchPad, and according to DigiTimes we’ll be able to get our hands on one in just a couple of months.  The site reported today that HP’s upstream component partners expect the device to go on sale in April, with delivery to retailers to start by the end of March.

With the Motorola XOOM set to launch on February 24th, and a rumored update to the iPad expected to be coming soon, the TouchPad will have no shortage of competition.  HP has yet to announce pricing for the TouchPad, and if priced attractively the device may be able to attract buyers unwilling to pay $800 for a XOOM.

Source:  DigiTimes



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