Archos’ ARNOVA 10HT and ARNOVA 8 Android tablets hit the FCC


Archos passed two tablets through the FCC today, the ARNOVA 10HT, pictured above, and the ARNOVA 8, pictured below.  As you can imagine, the ARNOVA 10HT sports a 10” screen, while the ARNOVA 8 sports…wait for it…an 8” screen.

Little is known about the most recent additions to Archos’ ARNOVA line.  The ARNOVA 8 is rumored to sport an 800 x 600 display with a 311MHz ARM CPU, 8GB of storage and Android 1.5.  Assuming those specs are accurate, the ARNOVA 8 definitely seems like an entry level Android device targeted at the eBook reader market.

The Archos 10HT appears to be a more traditional tablet that is described by Archos as an “Internet tablet.”  FCC reports show support for WiFi, but that’s about all we know about the device at this time.

With so little known about either the ARNOVA 8 or 10HT, it’s a bit premature to speculate on pricing or a release date.  Today’s FCC approval is a good sign that we will be learning more soon, however.




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