More/Real Stylus Caps turn any pen into a stylus for your tablet

Have trouble keeping track of your styli?  MORE/REAL’s Stylus caps solve this problem for you by turning any pen into a stylus for your favorite tablet.  The concept, which you can support on KickStarter, consists of a stainless-steel cap that fits over your pen, and a conductive rubber tip.  According to the inventor of the MORE/REAL Stylus, the device’s rubber tip allows the stylus to glide over the tablet’s screen with a natural feel that provides more control that existing styli.

So far the MORE/REAL Stylus has surpassed its $15,000 goal on KickStarted, with $16,500 pledged to date from 460+ backers.  The project will be funded on March 16th, and you can preorder one MORE/REAL cap for a pledge of $20.  If you pledge $290 or more, you get 4 sets of stylus caps, as well as a limited edition set of stylus caps in Brass.  Each set comes with 3 tips, one for a Sharpie, one for a Bic and one for a Fineliner, pictured above.



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