Motorola’s XOOM tablet to launch at Costco on February 24th, as well

Costco gets the Xoom

We already know that the Motorola XOOM tablet will be coming to Best Buy on February 24th, but today Android Central got word that the Android 3.0 device will be coming to Costco on February 24th as well.  Many Costco locations have small Verizon kiosks within, so it makes sense that the XOOM would make its way to the wholesaler.

According to the leaked screen shot, above, Costco locations can look forward to receiving a XOOM demo as soon as February 22nd.  Two days later, on February 24th, “each warehouse” will be getting a “pallet” of XOOMs to be displayed on the floor.  Seems like there will be no shortage of XOOMs on launch day.

Sadly, a Verizon service plan will be required at activation.  This will cost you at least another $20 for the first month.  The screen shot makes no word of pricing for the XOOM itself.

The screen shot also shows that Costco warehouses will be armed with a training document called “10 Reasons to Ditch the iPad.”  It looks like Costco hasn’t forgotten its spat with Apple, and is gunning for Apple’s iPad with the XOOM.

Source:  Android Central



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