Samsung Nexus S for AT&T hits the FCC


T-Mobile customers have already had access to the Samsung Nexus S for a few months, and based on an FCC filing today it looks like AT&T customers will have an opportunity to get their hands on the next-gen Google phone, as well.

The device in question is known as the GT-i9020A.  You’ll notice the similarity in model number to the Nexus S for T-Mobile, which has the model number GT-i9020.  At look at the label location picture for the GT-i9020A also shows a form factor that is identical to that of the Nexus S’ label location pic (comparison below).

However, unlike the GT-i9020, the GT-i9020A offers support for WCDMA bands 850 and 1900, the same bands used for AT&T’s 3G service in the United States.  That’s a good sign that the GT-i9020A is a version of the Nexus S for AT&T.

Rumors of a Nexus S for AT&T have been floating around since the GT-i9020A made an appearance on the Bluetooth SIG database, and today’s FCC filing solidifies these rumors substantially.  This is great news for AT&T customers, since the current version of the Nexus S only supports EDGE data on AT&T’s network.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more, and with Mobile World Congress just a few days away we’d expect to hear an official announcement of the AT&T Nexus S soon.image



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