Dell’s K08T Convertible Tablet with WiMAX makes an appearance on the FCC


Today, Dell passed a convertible tablet, known by the model number K08T, through the FCC.  The device, pictured above, won FCC approval for its WiMAX functionality, making it a good candidate for Sprint’s 4G WiMAX service in the United States.

FCC label and SAR pics, after the jump, show a tablet with a full keyboard and what appears to be a swiveling screen.  Measurements based off the SAR picture above (using some good ol geometry) show a screen that’s about 12” diagonally.

Sure, this isn’t want we were expecting when Dell announced plans to bring Windows 7 tablets to market.  The K08T is more similar to Dell’s existing XT line of tablets, rather than the slate tablet form factor that we lust after.  In fact, we initially thought that the K08T may be just a WiMAX version of Dell’s latest XT3 convertible tablet, until we compared pics of the bottom of the XT3 to the label pic of the K08T, below.

We’re excited to get a better look at the K08T.  The combination of WiMAX on a convertible tablet sounds quite juicy, hopefully we’ll get our hands on one soon.

Check out a couple more pics of the K08T after the jump.




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