WiFi-only version of Motorola’s XOOM tablet makes an appearance on the FCC?


On Monday, a device from Motorola that we believe is the XOOM tablet made an appearance on the FCC.  The device, known by the FCC ID IHDP56LU1, sports a non removable battery and a very tablet-esque form factor.  The IHDP56LU1 received FCC approval for CDMA/EVDO 800 and 1900 bands, which will presumably be used for 3G data.

Well today another device with the FCC ID IHDT56MT1 made an appearance on the FCC.  Test reports describe the device as a “wireless tablet with embedded WLAN,” confirming that this is indeed the XOOM (assuming Motorola doesn’t have another tablet up their sleeves).  SAR reports for the IHDT56MT1 show a device that is very similar to the device shown in SAR reports for the IHDP56LU1, which incidentally also confirms that the IHDP56LU1 is a tablet (below).

So why did Motorola pass two XOOMs through the FCC?

The IHDT56MT1, which passed through the FCC today, was only approved for WiFi and Bluetooth – FCC documents made no mention of 3G.  That suggests that the IHDT56MT is a WiFi-only version of the XOOM, while the IHDP56LU1, which passed through the FCC on Monday, is the 3G version of the device.

This is good news to prospective XOOM buyers that are balking at the device’s expected $800 price tag – a WiFi only version of the device will likely be much less expensive.  Today’s FCC filing is also a good sign that we’ll be seeing the XOOM in stores soon.




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