New Sony PlayStation 3 universal BD Remote hits the FCC, will support Sony 3D TVs


A new BD Remote for the Sony PlayStation 3 hit the FCC yesterday, thanks to a filing by Alps Electric.  The remote, pictured above, has the model number CECH-ZRC1U and is referred to in FCC filings as the “BD Remote Control.”

There are a few notable differences between the new BD Remote and older models.  The new BD Remote will function as a universal remote, with “’Device” buttons for the PS3, AMP and TV.  The device also has a “3D” button, which will presumably be used to toggle between 2D and 3D on supported Sony 3D TVs.  Although we’d like to say that the presence of a 3D button suggests some upcoming 3D functionality for the PS3, this button will more likely be used only with Sony’s 3D TVs.

Near the bottom of the new BD Remote forward and backward “Flash” buttons have been added.  Also, large volume and channel up/down buttons are now prominently placed near the remote’s bottom.

Update:  According to Engadget HD, the CECH-ZRC1U will start selling in March for $44.



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