Motorola Atrix 4G HD Multimedia Dock gets priced


This week we learned that Motorola’s dual core Atrix 4G Android smartphone will likely be released by the end of February for $150 with a two year contract.  But what about the device’s accessories that made such a big impression at CES 2011 (below)?

Today we noticed that the Atrix 4G HD Multimedia dock is now listed as “Out of Stock” at for $60.  The HD dock (model number MB860) features 3 USB ports, which can be used to attached peripherals like a mouse and keyboard – a first for a smartphone.  The MB860 also has a micro HDMI port that can output 1080p video, as shown in the video below.  This allows you to control your entire home entertainment center from the Atrix 4G and the included remote.

If you don’t want all of the multimedia capabilities of the HD Dock, you can preorder a standard charging-only dock from for $50.  At that price, it makes a lot of sense to just upgrade to the HD dock.

Finally, earlier this week BGR reported that the laptop dock for the Atrix 4G will likely be priced at $150.  This price has not been confirmed yet, however.

We don’t have any word when the HD Dock or charging dock will ship.  You can enter your email on to be notified when the docks are available.   The keyboard dock for the Atrix 4G is rumored to launch on March 1st.

Update:  You can preorder the Atrix 4G HD Multimedia dock at Mobile City Online for $50, and save yourself a sawbuck.



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