New Flip Video camera with WiFi hits the FCC?


Cisco Linksys passed a Digital Video Recorder called the M3260 through the FCC today.  Although FCC documents don’t explain much about the device, pictures of the device’s form factor, above left, suggest that this will be a addition to Cisco Linksys’ popular line of Flip Video cameras.

Test reports for the M3260 show that the device will have 802.11 b/g/n WiFi capabilities – a feature that Cisco has been hinting at for over a year.  FCC documents don’t explain what the device will do with its WiFi connection, but it’s a fair bet that the M3260 will feature some wireless sharing capabilities, as well as email and Facebook integration.

FCC test reports also show that the M3260 will feature a USB connection – standard for the Flip line – and an HDMI connection (below) that will likely allow users to play video directly on a TV or monitor.

No word on pricing or availability at this point.




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