New Samsung Galaxy S for T-Mobile hits the FCC sans HSPA+


Samsung passed the original Galaxy S for T-Mobile through the FCC back in June 2010.  The device, which is marketed as the Samsung Vibrant, has the model number SGH-T959, and offers support for T-Mobile’s AWS network.

Yesterday, a new device from Samsung called the SGH-T959V made an appearance on the FCC.  Aside from the trailing “V” at the end of its model number, it appears to be quite similar to the original Vibrant.  Label pics of both devices are nearly identical, as you can see below.  Additionally, FCC documents make no mention of HSPA+, suggesting that the SGH-T959V won’t leverage T-Mobile’s 4G network.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more, so far there’s no pricing or release info about the SGH-T959V.




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