Z3 third generation Zipit Wireless Messenger hits the FCC, adds CDMA support


Zipit’s line of Wireless Messenger devices allow users to send instant messages, on a variety of IM services, via WiFi.  The company’s devices are targeted primarily at tweens, and offer features like a find friends key and easy access to emoticons.

Today, the company passed the third generation of its flagship Wireless Messenger through the FCC.  The device, known as the Zipit Wireless Messenger 3, adds support for CDMA networks – a big improvement over previous versions of the device which only worked over WiFi.

We don’t have any pictures of the device, but you can see the device’s label, above.  No word on pricing or availability at this point, nor do we have any indication if Zipit will be partnering with a carrier for the launch of the Wireless Messenger 3.



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