Sharp’s 5.5 and 10.8 inch Linux-powered Galapagos tablets pictured on the FCC


In late September of this year, Sharp announced plans to enter the tablet market with the Galapagos line of tablets.  Over the New Year’s weekend, images of two Galapagos tablets surfaced on the FCC.

Sharp’s Galapagos line current consists of a 5.5” tablet known as the EB-WX51GJ, above left, and a 10.8” tablet called the EB-WX1GJ, above right.  Both devices rely on Freescale processors, the speed of which is yet unknown, and what appears to be Samsung SDRAM.

Test photos of the Galapagos tablets show the devices running what appears to be a Linux-based OS.  Initial reports stated that the devices would run Android, but as you can see in the photos below this is not the case.

Sharp is targeting the Galapagos line of tablets at the eBook Reader market, and so far it looks like the two tablets cover the large and small screen needs of the market.  No word on pricing or availability at this point.

Note:  Previously this article incorrectly referred to the EB-WX1GJ as a 5.5” tablet.  The article has been corrected with pictures of both Galapagos tablets.




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