Google’s Chrome OS netbook to get free 3G data courtesy of Verizon

To be honest, we weren’t really sure why we’d want one of Google’s Chrome OS netbooks.  Until now.  Just a few minutes ago, Google announced that anyone who buys a Chrome OS netbook will get 100MB of free 3G data from Verizon each month, for two years.

If you hit the 100MB limit, you can purchase unlimited 3G access from Verizon for an additional $9.99 per day.  And all of this comes without the worry of contracts, cancellation fees or overage fees.

100MB isn’t enough data to, say, stream Netflix movies.  But 100MB will be more than enough for checking email and occasionally surfing the net.  The bigger question, though, is whether 100MB will be enough for Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS, which stores much of its data online.



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