NERF remote for the Nintendo Wii dares you to get physical


Hard core Wii gamers may find it easy to break the stock Wiimote.  But thanks to NERF, the brand that filled our childhoods with hours of foam-protected fun, Wii gamers can now feel free to let loose.

The NERF Remote for Wii, which passed through the FCC today, is a heavily-padded version of the Wiimote that looks like it should take a beating.  The device features large cushions on its top and bottom, as well as an improved grip around 1 and 2 buttons.

This still doesn’t mean that you can chuck your Wiimote at an LCD, but it should provide protection for gamers that take out their frustration on their Wiimotes.

No word on pricing or availability, but today’s FCC filing suggests that we’ll see the NERF Remote in time for the holiday season.




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