Dell PointBlank–the end of meeting notes


Most of us have spent countless hours in meetings copying notes of a whiteboard.  But why must we manually copy notes that we’ve already watched someone write?  That’s where Dell’s PointBlank system comes in.

The high tech system consists of a projector, sensor and the high tech interactive pen pictured above.  The PointBlank projector displays images on a whiteboard, allowing users to annotate images with the interactive pen.  The sensor monitors the positioning of the interactive pen, and uses this data to create electronic annotations on the projected material.  That means at the end of a meeting, attendees can simply just download the annotated slide deck, rather than having to copy note after note by hand.

The system, which passed through the FCC today, seems like a huge time saver.  It also allows meeting notes to be send to many parties – so information can be quickly send company-wide, not just to users present during meetings.



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