invisibleSHIELD-maker ZAGG to release Bluetooth iPad keyboard


Zagg is probably best known for its popular line of InvisibleSHIELD protective covers for mobile devices.  However today, the company passed an interesting Bluetooth keyboard/case through the FCC, adding to its growing line of mobile device accessories.

The Zagg Bluetooth keyboard works as both a keyboard and a case.  When not in use, the iPad can be inserted on top of the keyboard, screen side down, to protect the device.

To use the keyboard, you simply insert the iPad into the slot on top of the keyboard.  The iPad is held in place by a hinge that locks the device in place either vertically or horizontally.

We’ve seen a number of Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad pass through the FCC in recent weeks.  Zagg does take a different approach with their keyboard – it’ll be interesting to see it in action.



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