LG slips a sleek Windows 7 tablet through the FCC


The HP Slate may have been relegated to the enterprise market, but not to worry consumers, it appears that LG will soon bring its own sleek Windows 7 tablet to the market.  And guess what?  It looks gooooood.

imageThe mystery tablet, known as the H1000B, made an appearance on the FCC today – label pic left.  A Google search for “LG H1000B” turned up a TwitPic of the glossy black tablet, above.  While our Korean isn’t stellar, we do gather from the picture’s caption that this will be a Windows 7 tablet with some sort of iPhone-like touch input (we’re guessing multitouch).

FCC filings for the H1000B refer to the device as a “portable computer,” and confirm the presence of standard features like an SD card slot, WiFi and Bluetooth.  FCC label pics also show an online of the H1000B, which is similar to the device pictured on TwitPic.

LG recently scrapped plans for an Android tablet, but today’s FCC filing suggests that the company still remains bullish on the Windows 7 tablet market.  And who can blame them?  If the H1000B looks anything like the device above, we’d bet that LG has a winner on hand.




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