HTC’s PD15100 PDA phone rocks front and rear cameras, dual-band Wireless-N, coming to T-mobile?


HTC passed a new “PDA Phone” known as the PD15100 through the FCC today.  According to Test Reports, the device will support GSM 850/1900 and WCDMA band IV, which suggests that we will see the PD15100 on T-Mobile in the United States.  Test reports also reveal that the device will have front and rear facing cameras, dual-band Wireless N WiFi and wireless hotspot capabilities.

At this point the PD15100’s feature set does not seem to map to any of the devices on HTC’s product roadmap.  HTC has still been relatively quiet about its Windows Phone 7 offerings, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the PD15100 is the company’s first WP7 device.

Either way, we’re excited to see the PD15100 in action – the device rocks what appears to be a pretty solid feature set, and we love T-Mobile’s contract-free service in the US.



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