Roku adds to its XD line with the Roku XD S


Last week we spotted two new Roku devices on the FCC.  Known as the Roku XD and Roku XD player, these new devices are part of a yet unannounced Roku XD line that appears to be some sort of client/server media streaming solution.

Well Roku isn’t done yet.  Today, the company passed another addition to the XD line through the FCC.  Known as the Roku XD S, label pic above, the device is described in FCC filings as an IP set top box.  Test reports for the device show support for 802.11 a/b/g/n, along with USB, component and composite video, optical audio, HDMI and Ethernet ports.  The device also comes with a remote control.

Roku’s diagram of the Roku XD S’ testing layout suggests that the device is designed to stream media from a PC to various AV components, such as a TV, monitor and speakers, below (the Roku XD S is referred to as the EUT, or Equipment Under Testing, in this diagram).  We also suspect that the Roku XD S will be able to connect to other Roku XD devices via WiFi.

So far, Roku has declined to comment on its XD lineup.  But the numerous filings for Roku XD products over the past couple of weeks suggests that the company is planning something big for this year’s holiday season.




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