Excalibur’s Wireless News Ticker brings RSS feeds to your countertop


Want to view weather and sports updates without cracking open your laptop?  Excalibur’s Wireless News Ticker may be just what you need.  The device, which passed through the FCC today, can display a wide variety of RSS feeds, including the latest sports scores or weather forecasts.

The Wireless News Ticker is powered by 4 AA batteries, and streams RSS feeds from a PC via USB dongle.  The device can be configured through a PC-based application that allows you to program RSS channels.  These channels are then fed to the Wireless News Ticker wirelessly, allowing you to place the device anywhere within range of the USB dongle (the actual range of the dongle is unclear).

As you can see in the photo above, Excalibur has teamed up with The Weather Channel and Fox Sports to offer branded versions of the Wireless News Ticker that focus on weather and sports, respectively.  The company also offers an Excalibur-branded model.  As far as we can tell, all models of the Wireless News Ticker will be able to display any RSS feed.

No word on pricing or availability, but we’d guess that the Wireless News Ticker will be on store shelves in time for the holiday season.



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