Control your home on a 10” screen with Control4’s WebPad wireless thin client


Control4 thinks your universal remote is outdated.  The company’s products enable you to control pretty much anything in your home, from AV equipment to lights to your alarm system.

Today, Control4 passed a new home control device called the TX-4000 WebPad through the FCC, above.  The device sports a 10.4” XGA color LCD touch screen with a 1024 x 768 resolution, an AMD LX 800 Geode processor, 512MB of storage, 256MB of memory, 802.11 b/g WiFi, and a battery that will last up to 3 hours.  The device also features its own speakers, mic and USB 2.0 and PCMCIA ports.

Pictures from the WebPad’s user manual show the device running Control4’s proprietary OS, below.  However, the device’s interface can be customized for individual usage scenarios.

We don’t have any word on pricing or a release date for the WebPad.  Control4 works mostly with custom installers, although some Magnolia AV stores do carry Control4’s products.




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