The Samsung Epic 4G gets torn down by the FCC


With just hours before the official launch of the Samsung Epic 4G, we thought it’d be interesting to take a look inside the device, thanks to internal photos provided by the FCC.


Much of the Epic 4G’s functionality is provided by the circuit board to the left.  You can see a Qualcomm QSC6085, which enables CDMA and EVDO calling/data capabilities.

Next to the QSC6085 is the brains of the Epic 4G – a Samsung Hummingbird processor running at 1GHz.  The Hummingbird is actually quite similar to Apple’s A4 processor – both chips are manufactured by Samsung and both chips feature a Cortex A8 core.

Near the top of the main board you can see a NEC MC-10170 image processing chip – the same chip found in other Galaxy S devices.

Finally, there is what appears to be a Samsung memory module below the NEC image processor.  We don’t have a good close-up view of the chip’s part number, but it appears to be some sort of MCP.

You can see additional pics of the Epic 4G in various stages of disassembly below.



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