New version of the BlackBerry Curve 8530 makes its way through the FCC

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Back in November of 2009, we spotted the BlackBerry Curve 8530 as it made its way through the FCC, above right.  Today, a device with the same label location pics known as the RCZ31CW, above left, showed up on the FCC, this time with support for CDMA AWS 1700.

There is speculation that the RCZ31CW is the BlackBerry Curve 9300.  However, if you compare the label location pics of the Curve 8530 here, with the RCZ31CW here, you can see that these are essentially the same phone – the only difference here is that the RCZ31CW has support for AWS 1700.  So, it’s likely that the RCZ31CW is just an update to the Curve 8530.



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