802.11n WiFi coming to the HTC Droid Incredible


This interesting note appeared today in an FCC filing by HTC.  This Class II Permissive Change notice appeared in a filing for the PB31200, also known as the HTC Droid Incredible.

Currently, the Droid Incredible only supports 802.11 b/g WiFi.  But today’s Permissive Change notice details plans by HTC to add 802.11 n support for the device via software upgrade.  HTC’s Permissive Change notice even includes an updated version of the Droid Incredible’s manual, below, which shows the presence of 802.11n

That’s good news from Droid Incredible owners – a bump up to 802.11n can’t hurt anyone.

HTC’s filing also mentions a new battery, although this appears to be the same 1300mAh battery used in current Incredible models.




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