FCC filing reveals new eBook reader coming from Kobo, Inves, iLiber


The eBook reader pictured above made an appearance on the FCC today thanks to a filing by Netronix.  Test reports, below, show a number of different names and model numbers for the device, including the Inves-Wibook 600, booq wifi, iLiber, and Kobo.

iLiber’s pricing for the device comes in at 250 euros, so this device is quite a bit more expensive than the Kobo eReader.  The device features a 6” screen, 512MB of internal memory, SD card support up to 8GB, 802.11 b/g WiFi and a battery that will last for 8000 page turns.

It’s interesting to see Kobo’s name on this FCC report, since the company has already released its Kobo eReader device in the United States.  Unlike the Kobo eReader, however, this device has WiFi, so this may be the company’s next generation eBook reader.




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