The Sprint EVO 4G and Apple iPad: A marriage made in mobile heaven


The iPhone is a wonderful device, but lets face it:  it’s a horrible phone.  AT&T’s service is downright intolerable in many locations and iPhone owners are constantly griping about dropped calls and AT&T’s limited 3G coverage.  And, although the iPhone has many awesome features, Apple and/or AT&T has limited the device’s potential by placing strict restrictions on apps and Internet sharing features like tethering.

The natural solution would be to buy an Android phone with functionality similar to the iPhone on Sprint or Verizon.  But making the jump to Android is tough.  There are only 30,000 apps in the Android app store, compared to a whopping 170,000 apps in the Apple app store.  There’s more than a few iPhone apps in that divide that I just can’t live without.

Some users may consider moving to a regular cell phone and an iPod Touch, but who wants to watch movies on the Touch’s three-point-whatever inch screen?  And although the iPad will give you more screen real estate, if you want mobile email and Internet you gotta pay $130 for the 3G version, plus $30 more a month for the iPad’s unlimited data plan on the aforementioned crummy AT&T network.

But following Sprint’s unveiling of the EVO 4G at CTIA yesterday, you will soon be able to have your cake Eclair, and eat it too.  All you need is an Apple iPad and an EVO 4G.

Yep, although Apple and HTC are embroiled in a bitter patent dispute, the iPad and EVO 4G make such a great couple.  The EVO 4G on Sprint’s network will likely be an excellent phone.  The device will have access to Sprint’s 4G network in many areas, and if not you can use the company’s solid CDMA/EVDO network.

And when you start missing your favorite Apple apps or want to read an eBook or watch video on a large screen, whip our your iPad.  You will even be able to read the EVO 4G’s MicroSD card on the iPad with an adapter.

Better yet, the EVO 4G can act as a WiFi router, so save yourself $130 and get the WiFi only version of the iPad.  Want to browse the net on the road with your iPad?  Just log on to your Sprint EVO 4G’s WiFi network.  You can take the $30 you’ll save each month on the iPad data plan and use that to stock up on apps!

This unlikely union reminds me of the story of Romeo and Juliet.  Except, you know…with mobile devices.  While the parents of these two devices, Apple and HTC, battle fiercely, even Luke Wilson could not deny the oh-so-perfect marriage of the EVO 4G and the iPad.



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