WiMAX coming to Dell’s Inspiron Mini 1012?


Dell unveiled their Inspiron Mini 1012 netbook earlier this year.  The device rocks a 10.1” screen, Intel N450 Atom processor, and integrated Intel GMA graphics.  But today the Inspiron Mini 1012 made another appearance on the FCC, this time with Intel’s 6250 WiMAX chipset.

imageAs you can see above, the Inspiron Mini 1012 with the Intel 6250 chipset is described as a preproduction model.  The model number for this netbook is clearly identified in other RF reports in the filing (left).

It’s good to see Dell adding WiMAX to its netbooks – sure, coverage isn’t great at this point, but WiMAX is pretty speedy when you have a strong signal.  We’re not sure if Dell is partnering with a service provider, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see CLEAR in the mix.




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