New HP Mini and Touchsmart tm2 PCs pop up on the FCC


A filing by Qualcomm yesterday mentioned two new computers coming from HP.  The first is the HSTNN-I77C, which we have already identified as the new version of the HP Touchsmart tm2 tablet.

The second computer mentioned is the HSTNN-Q46C.  Pics of the device’s label (above) and notes from Qualcomm (below) show that this is a netbook that is part of HP’s Mini line.  However, to this point the HSTNN-Q46C model doesn’t line up with any existing HP Minis, suggesting that this is a new or upgraded HP Mini.

Specs on the test report for these devices (HSTNN-I77C, HSTNN-Q46C) show that both will rock Qualcomm Gobi2000 chipsets, giving them worldwide access to 3G data as well as GPS.  Other than that, Qualcomm’s FCC filing doesn’t disclose much.




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