The weekend of the Google Phone

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The Internets were abuzz this weekend with news of an upcoming Google-branded phone.  We now know that the supposed Google Phone is known as the Nexus One, and is manufactured by HTC.

Google employees have already received the Nexus One, it appears.  The picture, above right, was taken by the ‘HTC Nexus One’, according to EXIF data (From Engadget), and posted to the Picasa account of a Google employee.

Today, more fuel was added to the Nexus One news as the device appeared on the FCC as the PB99100.  No pictures were released, but the device’s label, above left, shows the ‘Nexus One’ name.

Additionally, the device’s test report shows quad-band GSM support, as well as WCDMA 3G.  However, Engadget’s analysis of the test report suggests that the device will actually be released as a tri-band device for T-Mobile.

While the Nexus One is indeed very real, it is not yet clear what role Google will play in branding the device.  It’s an interesting move by Google that could anger the company’s Android partners.  However, the lack of mobile OS alternatives and Android’s momentum makes it unlikely for Google’s hardware partners to jump ship.



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